Over the last five years, there have been hundreds of thousands of repair jobs to commercial roofs in Louisiana due to storm damage.

In fact, our team at Grizzly Commercial Roofing is still being requested to work on storm damage from Hurricane Ida – that was two years ago. There could be any reason why these roofs are just now being worked on: the building wasn’t in use, the damage didn’t cause an immediate leak, or the leak just wasn’t reported. Whatever the reason, the damage likely could have been prevented with routine maintenance and inspection. 

There is no such thing as a hurricane-proof roof, but you can have a hurricane-prepared roof.

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your roof, and ultimately your business survives in the wake of a storm. Putting these four steps into practice will help increase the longevity of your roof and help you better identify when something may be wrong.

  1. Roof Inspections – routine roof inspections are important to give attention to minor issues before they become major issues. Commercial roofs should always be inspected before and after a storm.
  2. Secure loose shingles and tiles– Loose shingles and tiles could be a hazard that threatens a roof’s integrity, regardless of whether there is a storm or not. Be sure to have salvageable shingles and tiles properly secured and damaged ones replaced.
  3. Fix minor repairs – Our most-requested repairs are reported as leaks, but over half of the repair jobs we see actually have no association with water intrusion. Preventative maintenance is the key to hurricane preparedness, which includes minor repairs that extend the life of the roof and limit possible issues.
  4. Clear overhanging trees – This is huge, even for commercial properties. We’ve all seen what happens when a large limb or entire tree falls onto a home or building… it’s not pretty. Leaves clogging gutter systems and drains are another issue that can cause significant water intrusion damage when a storm hits. Cleaning out debris from gutters and drains is a simple form of preventative maintenance that can easily save your building from thousands of dollars in water intrusion damage.

Having a commercial roofing company under contract could save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Rather than calling a commercial roofer after a storm hits, having a contractual agreement with one gives you priority for their services, including:

  • Pre-storm and post-storm inspections to identify and assess any damages that occurred.
  • Issue a post-storm roof condition summary detailing the roof’s security and the investment is protected.

The most advantageous element of the contract is the fact that your roof and business now become the commercial roofer’s priority.

You are at less risk of delays to service, and as a result, are at less risk of damage, especially damage that could’ve been easily prevented.

In short, hurricane preparedness is all about prevention. We can’t stop the hurricanes from hitting, but we can try to prevent the worst from happening to your commercial roofs. With routine maintenance by a seasoned professional commercial roofing company – like Grizzly Commercial Roofing – you can protect your commercial building from extensive – and expensive – damage and keep your investments safe and secure.

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