As a business or property owner, the last call you want to receive late at night is that your roof has failed, and water from the recent storm is turning your commercial property into a retaining pond. Unfortunately, this happens more often than anyone would like, leaving you with more questions than answers. Questions like, who do I call? How much will it cost to repair? And more immediately, how do I fix the problem quickly with as little disruption and damage as possible?

GRIZZLY Commercial Roofing. It’s What We Do.

Grizzly Commercial Roofing
Grizzly Commercial Roofing

To provide an exceptional blend of reliable craftsmanship, honest communication, effective solutions, professional accountability, and reassuring peace of mind – ensuring your roofing experience is as resilient and trustworthy as the roofs we build.

Our Grizzly 5-Point Promise

Grizzly Commercial Roofing

1. Reliable Craftsmanship

2. Honest Communication

3. Effective Solutions

4. Professional Accountability

5. Peace of Mind

Roof Types We Service

TPO, PVC, Modified, Metal, Shingles, Custom Flashings, Coatings, Tile, along with several others


“I definitely recommend Grizzly Roofing for any commercial projects as well as repairs and new installs. They can handle it and we highly recommend them.”

Salvadore Crifasi, Capstone Investment Partners

“Grizzly was very responsive and always open to feedback.”

“Clint is good at helping us navigate repairs from hurricane damage and dealing with insurance companies. He really helped us with a big project within the last few years.”

Salvadore Crifasi, Capstone Investment Partners

“Grizzly Roofing can be trusted to be safe and get the job done.”

“I’ve dealt with roofers where it’s hard to get a hold of people sometimes, Clint’s always available. Grizzly as a whole gets back to us pretty quick.”

Salvadore Crifasi, Capstone Investment Partners

“Grizzly has a quality team that does quality work.”

“We were very happy with their work. They had excellent communication and were good team players.”

“One of our project managers had heard about them and was impressed by their knowledge. They have great leadership and are always open to feedback and improvement.”

“I saw great leadership from Grizzly, especially Clint and Jared. They were always on top of stuff and were willing to come to job sites.”

“Everyone on the Grizzly team were easy to work with and had great communication. Very professional.”

“With roofs, you don’t think about it until you have a leak. We always know the useful life remaining on our roofs. But when the issues do come up we always want somebody like Clint on call to assess and provide recommendations and ultimately perform the work, which they’ve always done successfully”

Salvadore Crifasi, Capstone Investment Partners



Mon – Fri, 8AM – 5PM