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Since 1960, Women in Construction Week has been celebrated during the first full week of March every year to recognize the powerful and inspiring women who contribute to the construction industry.

This year, we’d like to highlight our Project Manager, Paolina Perez, and her story about how she defied all odds and began a career in commercial roofing.

Long before Paolina Perez began trailblazing the roofing industry as a female project manager, she worked as a waitress. Her sharp memory and organized nature paired with her unwavering charisma made her a natural; she memorized large orders on the spot, multitasked constantly, and made a connection with every guest. It wasn’t long before her talents were recognized, and she was managing the entire restaurant. It was there that Paolina first realized she had the potential to lead, and her pattern of rising to management positions began.

Paolina forged her own path into the roofing industry.

Before joining us at Grizzly Roofing, she earned her chops at a residential roofing company, where she was the first female project manager for the roofing industry in the south Louisiana region. After three months, she began managing their Lafayette branch. After two years, she was managing all three of the company’s branches. During that time, she was invested in hurricane repair jobs, working to ensure that residents of the affected communities had roofs over their heads. She managed and coordinated over 2,200 residential homes and set their company’s record for 120 roofs in a single week. With stats like these, we had to scout her out and get her a spot on our team.

At Grizzly Roofing, Paolina applies a hands-on approach to project management.

She can often be found in the field, either assisting her crew or taking her time to learn a new skill. Her tenacious spirit and innovative thinking allow her to regularly close out large-scale commercial projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

What’s more impressive about Paolina than any stat will show is her ability to face challenges with grit and curiosity.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, she worked overtime to earn the respect of her teammates. In moments of intimidation, she stood taller. In moments of confusion, she worked harder. Paolina’s story is that of a woman forging her own path.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Paolina has been living in Lafayette, Louisiana with her family since she was 12.

Raised in a bilingual household, Paolina is fluent in Spanish – a skill that regularly improves communication on our team and makes our processes more efficient. Outside of work, Paolina is a wonderful mother to her three children, who allow her to constantly practice her multi-tasking and organizational skills. She is a leader and advocate for women in our industry, having already brought a female-run roofing crew to Grizzly Roofing. She wakes up every day and loves her job, often getting excited when new materials are delivered to the shop. She regularly goes on ride-a-longs to invest in her own knowledge so that she can be a more effective leader. She takes pride in what she does, finding fulfillment knowing she is helping build her community through the projects she manages. Paolina is an invaluable member of our crew, a changemaker in our industry, and an inspiration for women everywhere.

At Grizzly Commercial Roofing, our goal is to provide an exceptional blend of reliable craftsmanship, honest communication, effective solutions, professional accountability, and reassuring peace of mind – ensuring your roofing experience is as resilient and trustworthy as the roofs we build. To learn more, visit grizzlyroofing.com.