At a certain point, all roofing products reach the end of their life cycle. Once this occurs you are faced with an expensive roof replacement.

In the event that your roof has been compromised by a storm or hail damage, that life cycle has been drastically diminished.

This is where your insurance coverage should protect you.

Grizzly Miller Roofing is here to help you.

Filing a claim can become complicated but should not be. Follow these 4 easy steps and you could be on your way to a full roof replacement for simply the cost of your insurance deductible.

4 Easy Steps

  • Assess your roof damage – Call Grizzly Miller Roofing for a free roof inspection. If we find evidence of storm or hail damage we will provide you with a report for your insurance provider.
  • Contact your Insurance CompanyLet your insurance company know you had a roofing contractor inspect your roof and found evidence of damage. Your insurance company should then notify you if you have the proper coverage and if you are eligible for roof replacement. They may ask you for information regarding damages, date it occurred, extent of damages and estimate from a roofing contractor.
  • Start your Insurance claimYour insurance company will schedule to have an insurance adjuster inspect your home or building and validate damages. Once the insurance adjuster completes his report and turns it into your insurance company, you will be contacted by your insurance company regarding their decision to cover the replacement cost.
  • Replace your roofOnce your claim has been approved and the settlement quote is sufficient to properly fix the damage, call Grizzly Miller Roofing and have your roof replaced immediately!

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