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Often, a commercial roof doesn’t get the attention it deserves until water intrusion occurs causing costly damages.

At Grizzly Miller Roofing, our team of experts are here to help you save money and provide you with long term stability of a leak proof roofing system. We will provide you with a free roof inspection and a detailed assessment of its condition. Whether you need roof repairs, roof replacement or a routine maintenance schedule, we will earn your trust as your professional roofing contractor.

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When it comes to commercial roofing, there is no “one size fits all”. Every roof has different needs and there are advantages and disadvantages to various roofing applications. Trust that Grizzly Miller is there to help you navigate through an important decision and will help educate you on the best way to protect your building both in long term durability and in affordability.

Many options exist and we have the expertise to replace, repair or maintain the following:

  • Energy efficient Flat/low slope roofing systems
  • Shed and steep slope
  • Built up roof systems (BUR)
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing
  • Standing seam roof
  • Thermoplastic Roof Membrane (TPO)
  • Metal Retrofit roofing systems
  • …and many more

We Are Certified Installers

When it comes to the many options for materials used for your roof, we are certified installers for various manufacturers and offer long term warranties for many products.

Here are some examples of materials to choose from:

  • Metal Roofing – includes factory-made panels and flashing profiles, as well as roofing panels that are cut and formed at the building site. When installed on a sloped roof, metal roofing offers the benefits of energy efficiency (lower heat gain during warm, sunny weather) and low maintenance.

  • EPDM – sometimes referred to as “rubber roofing” because this roofing membrane material (technically known as ethylene propylene diene monomer) is black and flexible like a rubber inner tube. EPDM roofing can be installed on flat and low-slope roofs. Seams between adjacent EPDM sheets and metal flashing elements are typically sealed with special adhesive.

  • TPO – Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing is a single-ply membrane system, just like EPDM roofing. Installed in large rolls, TPO can be installed with mechanical fasteners or by fully adhering the membrane. Once the membrane is attached, the seams are heat welded to provide you with a completely monolithic roofing system The white TPO material used most often does a good job of reflecting solar radiation, which helps to reduce the demand for air conditioning in hot weather.

  • Modified Bitumen – roofing is applied in rolls that are usually heated with a torch to seal seams and adhere the asphaltic material to the substrate and to flashing details. The popularity of more modern single-ply membrane systems (EPDM & TPO) has reduced the demand for modified bitumen roofing.

  • Asphalt Shingle – This roofing will always be popular. Plenty of commercial buildings with sloped roofs depend on asphalt shingles for weather protection. This roofing option is among the most affordable and gives building owners many shingle styles and colors to choose from.

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